Download and Complete the New Client Form

Simply download a new client form, complete and send it to our accounts department. They will promptly expedite the opening of your account.

Download New Client Form
Either send your form to:
  • Fax To: +27 (0) 12 803 0512

  • Scan & Mail To:  applications @

Online Orders

We designed and developed our order system so your business can easily place an order for the goods you require. The online ordering portal allows the client to browse the entire product range either;

  1. By department
  2. By brand
  3. Simply search for the individual product

We have simplified your life by allowing you to set up “My Stocksheets” in categories and sub categories so that your orders can be placed easily and efficiently.

Once we received your order an account manager will take it over to ensure that procurement is perfected, and you are a happy customer.

* Orders in the Pretoria area to be ordered prior to 10am for same day delivery
* Orders outside of Pretoria to be ordered the previous evening for next day delivery

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